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State Courses Approved by the National Fire Academy

Many states develop courses that are the equivalent of National Fire Academy (NFA) courses in both quality and content. The NFA and state fire training systems have agreed upon a set of criteria and a process to have these state courses approved as NFA courses.

How it works

The peer-review process calls for the collective states to manage the system for assessing courses. An individual state submits a course for review and it is assessed by geographically distant states. Once a course meets the established criteria, it becomes an “NFA-approved” course.

NFA-approved courses are delivered by local instructors. Students in NFA-approved courses may be registered in the NFA student database if the state training system provides the information and, if the state approves, may receive NFA certificates. Approved courses are available for distribution to other states that may not have adequate resources to develop a course. The process for exchange, costs, etc., is managed by the states involved.

Download the list of NFA-approved courses PDF