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Executive Fire Officer Program

Supporting the needs of fire and emergency medical services agencies in preparing executive officers to meet the ever-changing demands of the dynamic communities in which they serve.

As an Executive Fire Officer (EFO) Program student, you will learn with fellow fire and emergency medical services (EMS) officers about the exercise of leadership in crafting bold and imaginative public policy solutions that keep communities safe and make them resilient.

The EFO Program provides you with leadership skills you can use to strengthen your organization and help make your community more resilient.

The application period is: CLOSED

EFO Handbook
Updated: December 2023

Contact: EFO Help Desk

Capstone Research Paper

To fulfill the research requirements of the EFO program, students must complete a Capstone Research Paper (CRP). The project selection for the CRP is designed to allow students to investigate a key issue or problem that has been identified as important to their fire service organization and community. The CRP is not intended to solve a task-level issue; it must demonstrate strategic value to the organization and community.

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Resources for EFO students


NFA is partnering with Columbia Southern University to enhance the Executive Fire Officer capstone advancement

The partnership will expand the timeline from 3 to 6 months and provide assistance for the student through research to their final paper.

Read the announcement