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Managing Officer Program Refresh

The National Fire Academy's (NFA's) Managing Officer Program has been a multiyear curriculum introducing emerging emergency services leaders to personal and professional skills in change management, risk reduction and leadership. The Managing Officer Program has experienced great success since its inception in 2015. However, the program is in need of a refresh to keep current and relevant. The NFA is excited to announce that the first phase of the refresh process is underway.

The first pilot course offering is anticipated to occur in 2026.

Students currently accepted in the Managing Officer Program will be provided adequate time to complete the current program.

As current Managing Officer students complete the program, the NFA will continue to offer 3 Managing Officer resident courses to the public:

Applications of Community Risk Reduction (R0385)
Open to the public January 2024
Training and Professional Development Challenges for Fire and Emergency Services Leaders (R0389)
Open to the public January 2025
Analytical Tools for Decision-Making (R0387)
Open to the public January 2025

These courses will be advertised and open to all applicants who meet the minimum criteria for each course!


Managing Officer Program certificates will not be issued to:

  • Anyone not formally accepted into the current Managing Officer Program.
  • Formally accepted Managing Officer Program students who fail to complete all requirements by the legacy program deadlines.

The current Managing Officer Program requirements extend beyond the completion of coursework and will no longer be supported. Certificates will only be issued to students who are officially enrolled in the current program and successfully complete all requirements of the current program.