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Boat and Marina Fire Safety

Fires that occur on boats or in marinas can spread quickly and present unique response challenges due to hazardous conditions and limited access.

Did you know:

34 people were killed in a 2019 recreational boat fire off the coast of Southern California. Although the cause of the fire was not found, investigators believe it started in an area where passengers had plugged in phones, flashlights and other items with combustible lithium-ion batteries.

Share these messages and resources with the boating community in your area to increase awareness about boat and marina fire safety.

Messages to share

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On the boat

Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to alert occupants to a fire.
Have a fire emergency plan and practice it.
Inspect electrical wiring, connections, cords and battery-charging equipment to ensure they are installed properly and in good condition.
Have the appropriate fire extinguishers and make sure they are easily accessible. Train all boaters on how to use them.
Check your cooling and exhaust systems. Make sure they work properly.
Turn off portable heaters when you leave the boat or go to sleep.
Only use certified chargers for personal electronic devices. Don't overload power outlets.

In the marina

Ask about the types of fire and emergency features at the marina, including smoke alarms and fire suppression equipment.
Know where the fire extinguishers are located and how to escape.
Smoke only in designated areas away from any fuel-filling or storage areas.
Inspect shore power connections for any obvious signs of damage or improper installations.
Know how to contact help.

If a fire does occur

Alert boat occupants and quickly get to a safe location.
Discharge fire extinguishers from a safe location, or get to a safe location and contact the fire department.

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