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How to become fire adapted

Create an Action Plan

Identify project work that needs to be completed in your community based on your assessment of community risks. This project work should be prioritized based upon what is identified as the greatest risk or where you can make the greatest impact.

Consider the capability of your community to complete projects. You might want to start with simple low-cost projects that are effective and help you to gain community buy-in. Sometimes you need to consolidate small wins into larger ones.

Creating a Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Creating a Community Wildfire Protection Plan

This guide will assist you in making a CWPP. The form-fillable templates in the guide allow you to create an action plan and document assets at risk, forest/landscape health issues, and key stakeholders.

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Download the guide to your device and then open it in a PDF reader to view and complete the templates. The templates will not display if the PDF is viewed with your browser.