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WUI Data and Research

Explore these data resources that will help you to understand the characteristics of wildland urban interface (WUI) fires, identify and assess wildfire risk, and prepare more effectively for response to WUI fires.

MODIS data points plotted on a map

Wildfire Report Series

Investigation of MODIS-detected fires in NFIRS

The first report in our Wildfire Report Series investigates the feasibility of using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data as a means for identifying wildfire incidents that may be missing from the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).

Our examination of MODIS-detected fires shows that few of these incidents are reported in NFIRS.
helicopter drops fire retardant next to a home


Wildland fire incident reporting

The NFIRS Wildland Fire Module documents reportable wildland fires. If your fire department is not using this module, find out how you can start reporting wildland fire incident data.

A reportable wildland fire is any fire involving vegetative fuels that occurs in the wildland or WUI areas, including those fires that threaten or consume structures.

Reference materials

Get a head start on your WUI research project with these reference materials from the National Emergency Training Center Library.

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New at the NETC Library

A Case Study of the Camp Fire: Fire Progression Timeline

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Understanding how the deadly Camp Fire spread

This study describes how multiple factors contributed to the rapid growth and spread of the devastating Camp Fire that impacted Paradise, California.

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WUI materials recently added to our collection


smoke from a wildfire over a suburb

Researchers see need for long-range wildfire smoke warnings

A team from Colorado State University found that long-range smoke was associated with increases in hospitalizations and increased risk of death from cardiovascular outcomes.

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