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Invoice for Payment

Contract instructors can voucher for payment in 3 ways.

How to voucher for payment

Voucher online

Submit your voucher online. This is the preferred method.

Voucher through email or U.S. mail


To receive prompt payment for services rendered, please follow these instructions:

  1. Use Standard Form (SF) 1034-87c — Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal to voucher for your services.
  2. Double-check your purchase order for the proper payment office location.
For purchase orders:The payment office location is in:
$10,000 and BELOWBlock 21
ABOVE $10,000Block 18a

Send your voucher through email

Email your voucher to for payment.

Or, send your voucher through U.S. mail

Mail your payment voucher to:

FEMA Finance Center
P. O. Box 9001
Winchester, Virginia 22604

Sample voucher

Make sure the information you enter on your voucher matches EXACTLY the information on your purchase order.

Click or touch an image below to display sample voucher content.

page 1
page 2

Please allow sufficient time for processing and receipt of your voucher. The 30-day Prompt Payment Act PDF does not begin until your voucher is received and recorded in the payment office.

To follow up on a late or missed payment

Contact the FEMA Finance Center at 540-504-1899. Please allow 24 hours for a response.