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Access and User Experience (UX): Accessibility and Interface

Who will be able to access the NERIS platform? Is it free?

Access to the NERIS platform will be provided at no cost to verified fire departments, first responders, and emergency response teams.

In addition to fire department access, aggregated analytical views and API data services will be available at no cost to other authorized stakeholders, such as state and federal agencies, for research, analysis, and policy development. Overall, the aim is to make NERIS a comprehensive, secure, and accessible platform for all key stakeholders.

Will individual firefighters input data into NERIS?

Yes. NERIS will be designed for easy data entry with a focus on a clean, intuitive, and mobile-friendly user experience. The NERIS data capture app will be accessible on mobile devices, tablets, laptop, and desktop computers. The NERIS website will be accessible on a web browser using any time of internet connection.

Further, to help minimize data entry by firefighters, NERIS will be able to consume data services from local CAD and RMS providers. For departments without CAD or RMS, the NERIS-provided data capture application will be available. Our goal is to minimize duplicative data entry through seamless API data integrations from CAD and RMS providers, as well as providing a simple and easy NERIS-provided data capture application.

So, I will be able to use my smartphone or tablet, as well as a desktop computer?

Precisely. NERIS is being designed with a mobile-first approach and will be compatible with various operating systems, any type of internet connection, various web browsers, and is fully accessible across all types of devices including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Will we be able to pull data from this new system ourselves? What analytical tools or resources may be available to the end user?

Yes, authorized users will be able to directly access data in NERIS via tailored views and dashboards for their department. Your data will also be available as interoperable data services via APIs in multiple formats. This will allow you to perform advanced queries more easily, enabling easy integration with other software and systems you may use for analysis and reporting. Our goal is a user-friendly and efficient data access experience.

Have a question or need more information?

Please email the NERIS Information Desk.