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Integrations: Vendor and External System Interactions

Will NERIS be designed to integrate with existing third-party RMS and CAD systems?

Yes, NERIS is being engineered to consume data from existing, local CAD and RMS systems in use today.

Local fire departments interested in ensuring applicable data form their CAD and/or RMS provider automatically feeds to NERIS should begin talking with their providers. CAD and RMS providers are encouraged to review and use the most current versions of the NERIS Data Schemas (Entity Specification, CAD interface, and Incident Data schemas) to understand how data elements align across different modules and will include all necessary element definitions, as well as API documentation and example payloads. The beta versions of these three schemas are slated for public release in May 2024.

More details on CAD and RMS integration, as well as API documentation and guidance, will be provided as NERIS is developed.

What role will software vendors have in NERIS’s development?

Many fire departments rely on third-party CAD and RMS software, making vendors key players in NERIS’s success. Collaboration with industry will be multifaceted.

CAD, RMS, and other technology providers are encouraged to engage on NERIS in any and all public forums and webinars where NERIS presentations are being provided. Additionally, our partners at DHS S&T and FSRI are planning open industry forums periodically to allow for technical exchange on NERIS development and future integration efforts.

Will NERIS impact NEMSIS reporting?

NERIS will not affect National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) reporting. We are working alongside NEMSIS during NERIS’s development to ensure that both systems can operate independently without causing issues in data reporting. This enables uninterrupted NEMSIS reporting while creating pathways for integrated data analysis.

Will NERIS integrate and import federal wildland data from InFORM and IRWIN?

Yes, NERIS is being designed to crosswalk applicable Federal wildland data from the Interagency Fire Occurrence Reporting Modules (InFORM) and the Integrated Reporting of Wildland-Fire Information (IRWIN).

What other types of external data sources might NERIS integrate with?

A multitude of relevant data is publicly and securely available that NERIS will leverage. This ranges from CAD and RMS data, as well as data from entities such as the National Weather Service, National Interagency Fire Center, National Association of State Foresters, US Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data, among other authoritative partners and sources.

Have a question or need more information?

Please email the NERIS Information Desk.