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National Emergency Response Information System Features

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) is leading the development of a new core data standard (or specification) to serve as the foundation for the National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) platform architecture and development. The new data standard will streamline required data collection while increasing interoperability and the ability to integrate appropriate external data sources to fulfill information needs.

The new core data standard development effort launched in May 2023 and will serve as the foundation for NERIS platform development. The new data standard will not impact or involve the legacy NFIRS. It is important to note that the new NERIS platform will not integrate with or co-mingle data from the legacy NFIRS. Once the new NERIS platform is fully launched and the user community transitioned, all legacy NFIRS data will be archived in a cloud-hosted environment for access by credentialed users.

Frequently asked questions

Basics: Overview and Transition

Addresses key introductory information about NERIS, the timing of its rollout, and what will happen to the existing NFIRS system. It serves as the foundation for understanding the system's objectives and transition plans.

Access and User Experience (UX): Accessibility and Interface

Covers who can access the NERIS system, how to input data, and the security measures in place. Includes details about the user dashboard and discusses analytics features.

Data: Framework, Compatibility, Uses, and Security

Focuses on the data standards that NERIS adheres to, including compatibility with NEMSIS, CAD, and other data input formats. Discusses important utilities, ownership, and security protocols.

Third-Party Integration: Vendor and External System Interactions

Examines how NERIS interacts with third-party vendors and systems. Discusses the requirements, limitations, and opportunities for integration with external platforms.

Stakeholder Engagement: Community and Collaboration

Outlines the strategies for engaging with stakeholders, including fire departments, governmental bodies, and other interested parties. Emphasizes communication, feedback, training, and collaborative decision-making.

Relationships: NERIS, USFA, and FSRI

Describes the relationship between NERIS, the United States Fire Administration (USFA) and the Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI), and details FSRI's role in system development, implementation, and data analysis.

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