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Before a WUI Fire

What do communities need to know before a wildland fire?

Teach your community to create defensible space.

They need to keep the first 5 feet of their homes clear of any flammables such as woodpiles, wood mulch, dead vegetation, pine straw and man-made trash. Remind them to clean their gutters and underneath decks.

Talk with residents about creating a family evacuation and communication plan.

Just like their home fire escape plan, they need to think about older adults, people with mobility and functional needs, their pets, and farm animals. Helping them to make plans before the fire will ease frustration and stress when they do need to execute their plans.

Messages to share

Social media cards

Before a wildfire

Use our wildfire safety social media card collection to share important safety messages with your community about how to prepare for and prevent a wildfire. Available in English and Spanish.

Pre-Fire Planning to Help Communities Become More Fire Adapted

Illustrated tips to help you with pre-fire planning to protect businesses, public buildings, residents and firefighters from wildfire loss.


Protect People, Pets and Property from Wildfire

This handout contains safety tips for decks, windows, roofs and garages. A space is provided for you to easily include your organization's logo.


Wildfires: Protect Yourself and Your Community

This double-sided one-page handout contains safety tips for protecting homes from wildfires. A space is provided for you to easily include your organization's logo.


Protect Your Home and Community from Wildfire

This handout provides tips to help homeowners prepare for the wildfire season. Customize this handout with your organization's logo.



Trim branches that overhang your home, porch and deck. Keep plants, trees and branches at least 5 feet from your home.

Keep trees limbed up to 10 feet from the ground. Keep 10 feet between tree branches.

Clear leaves and branches from roofs, gutters, porches and decks. Remove dead plants, leaves and branches at least 10 feet from your home.

Remove ladder fuels from your yard.

Don't start a campfire or burn yard debris if there are high winds, drought or high temperatures.

Have prepacked kits with essentials such as medicine, family records, credit cards and a change of clothing.

Create a family communication plan that designates an out of area friend or relative as a point of contact.

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