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Civil Unrest Response: Station

Follow this guidance to prepare fire and emergency medical services stations for civil unrest incidents.

Vehicles and parking

  • Secure and lock parking areas.
  • Lock personal and emergency response vehicles parked outside of station.
  • Keep valuables out of sight. Park facing an escape route (e.g., backed-in).
  • Consider alternate parking location for personal vehicles and other fire department light duty vehicles in areas of potential difficulties and shuttle personnel to and from stations.


  • Lock interior and exterior facility doors and windows.
  • Keep all interior and exterior lights on in buildings and stations.
  • Consider 24-hour watch-desk staffing.
  • Keep station radio on and volume turned up to allow all members to monitor radio traffic.

If the station needs to be abandoned, remove all communications equipment, medications, and as much department and personal equipment as possible. Consider placing all equipment for removal on apparatus or in a single location, staged for rapid removal.