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Volunteer Incentive Program

The Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) is a free, intensive 6-day educational opportunity for volunteer and combination department emergency services personnel. Students meet and exchange ideas and information with colleagues from across the country. VIP courses, offered during a “VIP Week” 3 times a year on the National Fire Academy campus, are accredited through the American Council on Education.

2023 VIP schedule dates and courses

Select a VIP Week below to see which courses are available. Courses offered will vary depending on the week that you attend.

R0385 and R0388 are not included in VIP Week.

Who can take VIP courses

Volunteers in volunteer or combination fire departments

CAN take VIP courses. Special consideration is given to qualified volunteer chief officers accompanied by elected officials, e.g., city managers, elected board members, town/borough council members, village selectmen, township supervisors, or other allied professionals who are not fire service members. The elected official also must apply for the same course offering as the volunteer chief officer.

Paid personnel in predominantly volunteer combination fire departments

MAY be eligible. With your application, you will also need to provide a letter from the chief verifying a predominantly volunteer combination department and how you will use the training requested to help the volunteers you work with.

Personnel in career fire departments

MAY be eligible. Volunteers are given priority seating in all VIP classes. Vacant seats are first assigned to applicants from combination departments and then to career departments.