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Home Hazardous Materials

Chemicals and other hazardous materials used in homes can be dangerous to people's health and the environment. It's important that residents follow product instructions when using, storing or disposing of home hazardous materials to prevent fires and unintentional poisoning.

Did you know:

An average of 1,700 home fires per year are caused by instances of spontaneous combustion or chemical reaction.

Source: NFPA PDF

Share these safety tips to help increase awareness in your community about the dangers of household chemicals to people and the environment.

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To keep your family safe, follow these safety tips when you use, store or dispose of household chemicals.

Use and storage

Follow the instructions on the label when you use and store household chemicals.
Only fill portable gasoline containers outdoors in an airy area. Make sure to place the container on the ground when you fill it.
Wear gloves or goggles when you use these materials.
Don't mix products. This can cause deadly gases or cause a fire.
Store products in their original containers out of the reach of children and pets. Store anything that can catch on fire away from your home.
Never store materials that can cause a fire in the sun or near an open flame or heat source.
Use safety locks and guardrails on shelves and cabinets when you store materials. This will prevent them from falling or tipping.

When you need to throw them out

Follow the instructions on the label when you need to throw a product out.
Aerosol cans might contain chemicals that can burn. If you put them in the trash, they can explode or start a fire.
If you have a spill, clean the area and put the containers in an airy place. If you cannot control the spill, or are unsure about cleanup and disposal, call the fire department.

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home safety for flammables
flammables should not be tossed unprotected
toss flammables in a protected surface like a bucket


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