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Costs Eligible for NFA Travel Reimbursement

You or your organization must purchase your airfare (or other ticketed means of transportation). The National Fire Academy will reimburse you for your ticketed transportation or privately owned vehicle (POV) mileage after your course. We don't reimburse organizations.

Don't make travel arrangements until you receive a course acceptance letter from the Admissions Office.


We will reimburse you for:

A round trip (your home airport to the NFA-designated airport) ticket purchased from a commercial airline. Conditions:

  • No side trips or extended stays.
  • Purchase at least 21 days before the course travel date. If you are accepted into a course within 21 days of the start date, your airfare reimbursement is limited to the state ceiling allowance.
  • Ticket must be economy/coach class, nonrefundable.
  • Travel on authorized dates stated in your acceptance email.

It is your responsibility to meet the above conditions, find the least expensive ticket available, and travel on the authorized dates indicated in your acceptance letter (unless the NETC Admissions Office gives you an exception). If you fail to do this, and your ticket exceeds your state's ceiling cost, we will limit your travel reimbursement to the state ceiling amount.

We will not reimburse you for:

  • Side trips or travel outside of course travel dates unless a travel exception is approved prior to making arrangements.
  • Refundable or first and business class tickets at full fare unless a travel exception is approved prior to making arrangements.
  • Frequent flyer miles used to purchase a ticket.
  • Seat upgrades or early-bird check-ins.
  • Flight or ticket insurance.
  • Any portion of an airfare subsidized by another source.
  • Luggage fees.


  • You will receive the POV federal or state ceiling mileage allowance, whichever is less.
  • Show your vehicle's registration, along with the vehicle's beginning and ending odometer reading, at check-in so that we have a record of your vehicle and can validate ownership and your mileage claim. If you don't, we may deny your reimbursement request.
  • If someone drops you off at NETC, make sure the Housing Office is aware of this prior to the vehicle leaving campus. If you don't, we will deny your reimbursement request.
  • If you carpool, only the driver is reimbursed.
  • Students staying off campus are reimbursed for 1 round trip to NETC — not daily mileage.
  • If you request reimbursement but don't own the vehicle, you must provide a letter from the owner stating that you have permission to drive it.
  • We will reimburse you for rental car mileage but not the cost of the rental car agreement. The name of the person on the rental car agreement is the only person we will reimburse.

Train or bus

  • Reimbursement is limited to the cost of the ticket, not to exceed the state ceiling amount.
  • You must provide copies of the tickets used.
  • We can't reimburse you for sleeping accommodations or vehicle transport.