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National Fire Academy Travel Reimbursement: Exceptions

The National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Admissions Office must approve any exceptions to the course travel information provided in your acceptance letter. We will not approve requests to stay on campus before or after your scheduled course arrival/departure date. Extra lodging nights must be off campus.

Travel exception examples

  1. You want to travel on a different date from that listed in your course acceptance letter.
  2. You want to travel to/from a different city than that listed in your course acceptance letter.
  3. You anticipate additional expenses for transportation and/or lodging costs.

Requesting a travel exception

Email requests for travel exceptions and cost savings, along with 2 itineraries, to Jo Ann Boyd. The first itinerary should show travel on the days listed in your acceptance email. The second itinerary should show your preferred travel days. After both itineraries are provided and reviewed, you will receive an email with the answer to your request.

Be sure your request is approved before you make travel arrangements. If you don't get approval first, your travel reimbursement could be limited to the state ceiling amount.

Students traveling from Alaska, Guam, Hawaii or other areas where flights can't meet our airport shuttle times should email Jo Ann Boyd to review other ground transportation options.