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National Fire Academy Travel (Stipend) Reimbursement

Ensure there are no surprises regarding your personal responsibility for payment during your stay at the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) by familiarizing yourself with the expenses and reimbursement policies associated with your National Fire Academy (NFA) course.

NFA on-campus training is made possible through a cost-sharing arrangement between the student/sponsoring organization and the NFA.

You or your organization pay for:

  • Luggage fees.
  • Meals/NETC meal ticket.
  • Parking.
  • Rental car.
  • Salary and benefits of the student, and replacement personnel during the student's absence.
  • Tolls.
  • Transportation from your home/organization to a local airport and back.

NFA pays for:

  • All tuition, instruction and course materials.
  • On-campus lodging (for U.S. students).
  • Shuttle service between NETC and designated airports.

NFA will reimburse you for: (eligible students only)

  • Airfare (or other ticketed means of transportation), or
  • Personal, department/organization and rental vehicle mileage.

Who is and isn't eligible for travel reimbursement?

Individuals fromTravel reimbursementNo-cost lodging
State, local, tribal and territorial organizations.
Recognized volunteer organizations.
Active emergency management organizations.
State or local governmental fire and/or emergency medical services organizations.
Federal government agencies.
Private industry.
Companies or organizations that contract with federal, state or local government agencies, such as rural-metro departments.
State/National Weekend Program attendees.
Foreign organizations and non-U.S. citizens.

We will reimburse you for one trip only, between Oct. 1 and Sept. 30. Executive Fire Officer students are allowed up to 3 travel reimbursement trips per year. If you want to attend another class at your own expense, please include a letter with your application stating that you understand that you will not receive travel reimbursement. Travel reimbursement is not available for weekend programs and 2-day pilot courses.